You want to be confident in your spreadsheet data. Seamlessly within Microsoft Excel, Xcellerator helps you detect and resolve errors and risks, and gain insight into spreadsheet results.


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Developed for all levels of spreadsheet users, Xcellerator significantly and reliably helps to reduce material errors and possible fraud, as well as saves hours associated with detailed spreadsheet review.

If you have specific areas of concern like formula errors; hidden pages, rows and cells; currency errors; number formatted as text; or referencing blank cells, Xcellerator can help.

After applying nearly 40 out of the box tests or an unlimited number of configurable tests, Xcellerator leverages a patent-pending overlay technology to generate a color heat map that displays and notes potential errors for further examination.

Additionally, Xcellerator provides:

Spreadsheet Comparison. With Diff Interactive, Xcellerator is the only solution to accurately compare differences between spreadsheets and give users proper visibility into their spreadsheet risk.

Compliance Reporting. Xcellerator provides standard and configurable reports to help fulfill audit and compliance reporting requirements and give users more visibility into their spreadsheets.