Ensure Spreadsheet Accuracy and Mitigate Risk
within Microsoft Excel

To make the best possible business decisions, you need the most accurate, timely, and trustworthy data available. Much of that data is stored in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Incisive Software Solutions provide the visibility and control environment you need to ensure that your most critical spreadsheets contain and deliver data that is correct and secure

Xcellerator Highlights

  • Consolidated, comprehensive visibility and oversight of your most critical assets
  • Xcellerator works seamlessly within the Excel interface and menus for ease of use and rapid adoption
  • Patented overlay technology unique to Xcellerator uses color and shading to draw attention to critical areas
  • Link analyzer produces intelligent diagrams with insight to external references and data

Comprehensive Flexible Testing

  • 60+ Unique Tests – results provided in level of severity, by test, or by worksheet
  • Click results to jump to problem cells – Xcellerator guides correction process
  • Ability to re-scan updated changes and check results

Test Types

  • Formula
    • Finds the most common types of formula errors such as those caused by inconsistent formulas
  • Risk
    • Designed to find formula errors that pose risk due to difficulty to maintain or understand
  • Hidden
    • Marks hidden cells and where hidden data is a problem in both error searching and spreadsheet distribution
  • Informational
    • Find information useful for error checking; can be very hard to find with Excel, such as cells not being locked
  • Custom
    • Anything you define to meet specific needs and requirements

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Users can scan by workbook or selected sheets
  • Structure View details how to spreadsheet is built, including highlighting cells that consume and/or refer to other cells, sheets, or workbooks
  • Define whether user has access to referring source debt to avoid inaccurate decisions based on stale data or incorrect external references
  • Formula inspection supports understanding of referrers and descendants where formulas are broken, for troubleshooting of inaccurate results

Highlight Comparisons with Xcellerator Diff Interactive

Diff Interactive supports multiple comparison options, inculding workbooks, sheets, snapshots, macros, named ranges, mass data, percentage changes, and percentage differences.

  • Multiple options extend far beyond simple cell-by-cell comparisons
  • AI-powered features enable users to identify and highlight inserts, deletes, hidden and unhidden rows, columns, and moves correctly and entirely
  • Mass data comparisons are made “database-style” to avoid treating identical data sets that have been sorted differently as different or changed

Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting

  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting across Xcellerator and Diff Interactive
  • Reports can be customized and pictured by project. workflow, or any other administrative criteria
  • Save as Favorites or export out to other formats
  • Setup your own profiles pending the workbook and types of analysis for accurate reporting purposes 
  • Ease of reporting and documentation for Financial and Regulatory purposes

Additional Incisive Solutions for Spreadsheet Management

Xcellerator tool for Alteryx Designer (Low Code No Code)

    • Enables you to harness the power of Xcellerator to analyze your Excel workbooks from within an Alteryx workflow. Xcellerator for Alteryx allows you to automate testing and risk analysis of Excel assets directly within the Alteryx tool ribbon and drag + drop Xcellerator into the workflow


Concourse – Incisive Solution Suite

    • Foundation and command center for the Incisive suite providing simple point-of-control, knowledge and management of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and low-code/no-code and open-source analytic assets
    • Allows your business to take full advantage by putting guardrails and user-developed applications while avoiding the risks associated with un-managed technology and Shadow IT

Mitigate Risk. Accelerate Innovation.
Grow Opportunities. With Incisive Software.